More posts comming soon

I just realized that it’s been quite a while since I posted here.  More post are coming soon.  I have been doing some interesting things since my last post here are things that are coming soon.

Capital News Paper

I have been contacted by a reporter from the local news paper.  He wants to do a story on 3D printing which I think is fantastic.  Hopefully I can provide some insight in to how to get started with 3D printing.  This is all still preliminary since I have no idea on what to expect out of this.  More information as soon as I get it.


3D Printed Case for the TrH Meter

I have been trying to design a case from scratch and I have had little success.  I have tried quite a few 3D design tools and none of them live up to my expectations.  A friend recently send me a link to yet  another Ben Heckendorn video where he creates a raspberry pi case after watching this I got some ideas on how to use Autodesk 123D in a different way than I was using before (using the extrude method).  I will post a full tutorial on the creation process once I am done.

PCB Etching

I have been working with a friend to etch a PCB using the toner transfer method.  This is our first PCB that we have etched from scratch so it’s taking a bit longer than I expected.  Our first attempt did not meet our expectations and we decided to regroup and get better equipped.  As soon as we try again (maybe this weekend) I will post our results.  Here is the PCB we chose:  We did modify the schematic some.  We added back the voltage regulator and resided some of the holes for easier drilling.

Simple Robot

I have done a bit more work on my mapping robot (that I have been almost never working on for over the last 10 years).  I added finally added the dual serial motor controller that I bought last year.  I make no promises on this project as at this point it has an estimated completion time of NEVER (+/- 5 years).