Who wants some printing?

I know this might seem a bit premature since I haven’t even received the printer yet but I am going to throw it out there any way.

I would feel really guilt if my new printer were to sit idle so I am trying to see if anyone is interested in 3d printing services in the Annapolis, MD area.  I have spoken to a few friends and they are also as excited as me to get some printing done.

I am trying to work out a payment scheme but I suspect that I will not be able to calculate the true cost of printing until I start printing things.  My initial thoughts are to charge a set rate on the final material weight plus a set rate on the time it takes to print the item (to offset wear and tear on the printer).  I would also be willing to add mailing cost to anyone wanting delivery.

I do want to reduce the cost of the printing service to a bare minimum.  I want to build interest in the 3d printing world and besides, I don’t think that I can actually make any significant money at this anyway.  Best case scenario I can think of is that I would partly subsidize the purchase of the printer itself.

At any rate please post below if you would be interested in a low cost printing option in the Annapolis, MD area.

New printer is on order

So I ordered the printer.  I have been looking at 3d printers for a while now and I finally broke down and bought one.  The printer I ordered is https://store.makerbot.com/replicator2.html

I choose this one because it seems to be one of the most mature printer on the market.  It is certainly not the cheapest though but, for the features that it has it seem to me to be one of the most useful.  I also like what they have done with the http://www.thingiverse.com/.  It all seems like a great idea.

Right not according to the website makerbot has an 8 week lead time on delivery.  They were reporting a 4 week lead time and then Hurricane Sandy hit.  Oh well I think this printer will be worth the wait.  In the mean time I have been browsing the thingiverse trying to plan out my first print.