Cow Tech Ciclops 3D Scanner – Part 2

Kickstart Parts

Here is what you get for the $99 from the kickstart


The scanner is Arduino UNO based.  In this case they went with a clone (which I think is fine). They rolled a shield for the UNO and it looks quite professional.


The stepper driver which is a daughter board to the shield looks like it is off the shelf but does not have any branding (probable just too small).  It does have a small heat sink which is probably advised.


The camera is a Logitech C270 webcam that is capable of 720p.  The two laser line generators are class IIIa 5mw.  Most of the parts are .25 acrylic and they look like they are cut well.  The table stepper is a 17HS2408 which is NEMA 17.

It is interesting that they went with a large steel bearing for the rotating table used on its side.

Printed parts

The parts in general are well designed.  Some parts do need significant supports to be generated.  I would have like to see the supports minimized but over all I think they are at an acceptable level.  The print volume is a total of about 333 cm³ and took approximately 15 hours of printing.


That’s it for now.  On to the next step soon.