3D Printed Case for – Disk II Emulator for Apple II

This is a 3D printed case for the disk 2 emulator sold here: http://tulip-house.ddo.jp/digital/SDISK2/english.html

Please note this case is NOT for for the newer UNISDISK – A DISK II / SmartPort Emulator for Apple II Series and will only fit the original SDISK II – DISK II emulator for APPLE II board

The case is modeled based on the original Disk II from Apple.  It has been scaled down 50% from the original size.  I tried my best to stay true to the original design but there are a few differences to increase the print-ability of the case.

This case was specifically designed for this particular board and will not fit any other board.  This case comes with 4 size 4 screws to secure the board into the case and 4 size 4 screws to close the case.



The front details are hard to make out20131231_184155


50% of the original size


The case is mostly emptyThe feet came out nice too,50% of the original sizeJust the TopFull Finished model - All peicesBottom with mock-up board I used for placement


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