Arduino on Breadboard

Went to Unallocatedspace ( on Friday for their Arduino Night 14 Dec 6-10PM.  Had some fun putting together an Arduino kit (for $11).

Here is the instructions we followed:

And here is the result:


Here are more pictures of the night:

Mini Oscilloscope 2

I opened the box and plugged the scope in.  I connected it to an Arduino uno to see what it can do.  I set the Arduino to simply turn on the pin then turn it off then repeat and this is what I got.  I know its a super simple test but thats all I have time for at the moment.

Mini Oscilloscope

 A friend pointed me to a Ben Heck episode in which he solders a mini oscilloscope to demonstrate surface mount soldering technique.  I thought this would be a fun and useful project to do so I ordered one:

I opened the box last night to take look at all the SMC to get an idea first hand on what I am dealing with and to my surprise it was already fully assembled.  I was sort of disappointed that I did not get a chance to continue to hone my skill on SMC soldering but then I took a close look at the components on the board and realized that while I do think I can do it (if Ben can then so can I) it would have been quite a challenge.


I haven’t fired it up yet but soon as I do I’ll share my impressions.