This is what a 3D printers is made for

I was recently over my parent’s house and my mom informed me she has purchased two toothbrush holders that stick on the back side of a medicine cabinet door.  She paid $3.99 each plus $2 for shipping.  This is obviously just silly.  I told her to send them back.

It took me about 20 mins to design and 1h 20min to print.

20130615_175903 20130615_175925 20130616_095400

More success with

Haven’t posted in a while but I have been busy.   I have been working on my presentation for the intro for 3D printing and I am almost done with those.  I will post the files once I get the done.

I made another successful order from  This time it was for two custom cookie cutters. I designed them myself based on supplied photos.  They came out great.  I am thinking that a custom cookie cutter might be a quick and easy demonstration for the 3D printing presentation.

I have another order in the works to print a Mendel.   This is fantastic I was looking forward to when I printed another printer with my printer (would this be considered 3D printer reproduction?).

Any way enjoy the cookie cutters.

Step 1 is to sketch the design out.  As you can see once I had one I just duplicated it and scaled to make 4 designs.  Outer most and inner most define the flange around the top of the cutter for stability and a flat area to press on. the inner two define the cutter.

cookie2-3d-sketch cookie1-3d-sketch


Step 2 extrude the design to the appropriate height: cookie1-3d cookie2-3d


Now print:


As a side note I use netfabb studio ( to calculate the volume here is what that looks like:





cookie1 cookie2