Another recap update

I got the parts but not the time

I printed all the parts for the filament puller based on and the parts listed on the Thingiverse  All I need now is the time to work on it.  I was able to make the frame that I am going to attach all the parts to but that is about it.  You can see that I am going to try to stack the Filastruder on top which is different and I am not exactly sure that it’s going to work.  The problem that I see when is horizontal is that one, it takes up lots of space and two, PLA which is what I am most interested in extruding, is extremely playable when it comes out of the Filastruder.  I was going to try to put a thermal mass wheel right at the nozzle to try to cool and shape the filament before winding.  I hope it works.

20130830_161137 20130830_161128

More XYZ

I have been printing away from jobs coming from   This seems like a very convenient way to get print jobs.  The only issue that I could complain about is that the users requesting prints most of the time want 3D design as well.  I don’t mind doing the design work and I am getting much better at it but, it is quite time consuming and I really don’t know how to charge for the design work.  If I charge a flat hourly rate I think that it will make people not want to get items printed but if I charge an item design fee it really does not cover all the time it takes to do the design.  Either way I am happy to do the work because I do enjoy doing it.  We will have to see how long that lasts.  I can say that I have made enough money back from my printer to upgrade (see next paragraph).

We need more heat Scotty

I made enough money from my printer to upgrade to a heated build plate (I probably would have bought it regardless). I have been waiting for a kit like this pretty much as soon as I got my printer.   I ordered the required larger PSU (huge 9.1A) for my printer from it’s a drop in replacement with the correct connector and got it right away. 20130830_162636 20130830_162647 I order the build plate last week and it is a bit backordered with delivery in 3-4 weeks.  This will allow printing with ABS on my replicator 2 and it will reduce warping of PLA when doing high infill printing.

Store is open

I finally opened a store for the 3D Printed Case for Analog RGB to Component Adapter I designed a while back  I have sold a few since the maker of the kit (Koichi ) linked to my site direct from his  I plan on putting up a few more items that I have designed that I want to keep the controls over.  I think that this might be a way to earn back some of the design time that I put into it by spreading out the cost of the design over hopefully a bunch of prints.  Koichi also asked me to work with him on designing a case for his DISK II board which I am excited to do.


That’s it for now I have other stuff but I have to keep some it reserve for future posts 🙂

Another 3D printed win

The walkway lighting that I have in the front of my house is a bit old.  It is probably original to the house.  The posts in the ground appear to be made from aluminum and have corroded and several of them have fallen down.  Time to print some new ones!


I am getting quite quick at 3D design and replicating the existing post only took about 20mins.



If you are familiar with my previous posts on the extrusion method here is the 2D sketch that I extruded from.lightpost-3d-design And here is the extruded result.  I used the tweak tool to drag the bottom + shape into a point.lightpost-3d-design1Off to the printer and here is the result

20130808_221215 20130808_221230 20130808_221503 20130808_221512 20130808_221518 20130808_221744 20130808_222312 20130808_221718Then installation. Nice!!!

20130809_080351 20130809_080553