Busy Busy Busy

Been a while since I posted but I have been busy.  My printer has been busy also.

20140622_172717These are just some of the recent part I have been printing.  I got the largest order I have ever had from makexyz.  I did some design an a prototype of a guy a few weeks ago and now he wants 50 of each of the two design (100 items total).  That is over 40 hrs of printing wow!

In other news I have heard some buzz about this kickstarter

I backed it because it looks promising.  I print on blue painters tape and it works great.  I don’t really need a new solution but this one is interesting and only cost $39.  I need the 12×12 custom one since my printer has the jetguy heated build plate http://bctechnologicalsolutions.com/hbp/index.html.  Delivery is not until Oct 2014 so I will wait patiently.